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for all ages
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Rent or own all types and sizes of guitars, basses, amps and practice amps from us at discounted rates. Supplies (pics, strings, cables) are readily available.

Guitar instruction is offered for all ages, levels, and styles of guitar playing and performance. Students may choose between classical, jazz, rock, and/or blues guitar.

All of A Sharp's guitar teachers offer students the opportunity to not only learn their favourite songs, but also learn the fundamentals of music and guitar playing including reading music/notation, music theory, and composition.

Every guitar instructor at A Sharp School of Music creates a planned curriculum based on each student's individual goals and interests. Therefore, students receive the right musical training depending on their own interests and goals. Students can choose to learn on the acoustic, electric, bass, or classical guitar.

Learning the guitar is an excellent way to keep young students motivated to learn music, as they have the opportunity to learn their favourite songs and styles of music.

When combined with proper musical education fundamentals - such as note reading and music theory lessons - learning the guitar can be an extrememly benefical instrument in achieving both the students and parents goals alike.

Guitar lessons are offered for all ages and levels of players, from beginning through advanced; from 5 years old through adult.

Ask us about our Rock Band S'cool, where guitar, bass, drum and voice students learn to jam in a safe and structured environment.

Please enjoy this video from our annual Spring Gala Banquet (below) featuring guitar and drum students who also attend A Sharp School of Music's weekly Rock Band S'Cool: 
Please enjoy this video of another of our young guitar students representing A Sharp at the Martin Grove Gardens Park "Family Fun Day" fund raiser for the park: 
Guitar Lessons Practice Tip of the Week: July 1, 2024:  
While you were practicing the hard parts of your music, you may have become tense or frustrated, or forgotten to sing or play musically or with good tone quality or technique. End your practice time by playing or singing something you like that is easy for you. Relax and "perform" it for yourself, playing with your very best technique and musicianship. During this part of your practices, develop a "repertoire" of music that you feel very comfortable and confident playing or singing. Then you'll always have something ready if people ask for a performance. 

guitar lessons
guitar lessons
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